The Rancho Alumni Associations accepts donations through out the year for all causes. All of these donations go to the students educational training and causes. The Alumni Association  would  like  to  do  even  more  each  year to provide each of the students with such items such as backpacks, books, reading and writing utensils, etc. Your gift or donation is tax deductible (501©3 Tax ID #88-0509131) and greatly appreciated.  Because of the thoughtfulness of all the Rancho Alumni, Rancho High School is learning that we are there for their support and help. Your donation will only go toward Rancho High School and students!

You can help using any of the following methods.

  • . . . . Click on the donation button above to donate using PayPal
  • . . . . Donating gift certificates for food, clothing and gifts to the Alumni Association so that the backpacks can be purchased and filled with gifts for those homeless students and their families
  • . . . . Donate money directly to the Alumni Association so that the Association Board can purchase the backpacks and gift certificates
  • . . . . Send your donation to the Alumni Association’s mailbox at P.O. Box 364467, North Las Vegas, NV 89036-8467.  Please make all checks or money orders payable to “Rancho High School Alumni Association.”

Thank you for continued support of Rancho and the Alumni Association.

Ron York 
Rancho Alumni Association President


The Alumni Association wants to thank your for your help !